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Mobile Home Trilo

#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/6d/e6/33/Baia_del_Silenzio_MH_Trilo_2839_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Trilo
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/5a/ae/70/Z62_9343c_-HDR_6282_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Trilo
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#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/53/05/81/Z62_9427-HDRc__6287_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Trilo - Bedroom
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/ba/88/1d/Z62_9483-HDR_6285_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Trilo - Kitchenette
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/0d/da/d2/Z62_9525-HDR_6289_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Trilo - Bedroom

Approx. 24m² living space, max. 6 persons.

Master bedroom with double bed, children's bedroom with two single beds and a loft bed for one child, living room with sofa bed and fully equipped kitchenette, bathroom with washbasin, shower and toilet or bathroom with washbasin and shower with separate toilet, veranda with seating area.

Camping Resort Village Baia del Silenzio
The spacious campsite Baia del Silenzio extends in the middle of the national park Vallo di Diano over several terraces and is covered by typical shady vegetation. The sandy private beach can be used for free for guests of the campsite and is only a few...
24 m² Size
max 6 People
2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 Toilet
Dog allowed
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