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KNAUS Campingpark Lackenhäuser

Germany, Bavarian forest, Neureichenau
The campsite is located at an altitude of 850 meters on the sunny southern slope of the Dreisesselberg Mountain in the middle of the fascinating landscape of the Bavarian Forest.
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KNAUS Campingpark Viechtach

Germany, Bavarian forest, Viechtach
A high coniferous and dense fir forest borders the beautiful 4-star KNAUS camping park Viechtach in the "green heart of the Bavarian Forest" on inclined, partly terraced meadows with tree and bush rows.
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KNAUS Campingpark Nürnberg

Germany, Franconia, Nuremberg
The park-like campsite is embedded in a dense mixed forest in the middle of the local recreation area Dutzendteich.
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KNAUS Campingpark Frickenhausen

Germany, Franconia, Frickenhausen on the Main
The KNAUS campsite is located in the small village of Frickenhausen which lies on the foot of the beautiful vineyard Kapellenberg, directly at the River Main.
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KNAUS Campingpark Bad Dürkheim

Germany, Rhineland Palatinate, Bad Durkheim
The KNAUS Campingpark is situated in the middle of a vineyard, near the spa town Bad Dürkheim.
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KNAUS Campingpark Bad Kissingen

Germany, Rhon, Bad Kissingen
The KNAUS Campingpark Bad Kissingen is located in close vicinity of the picturesque historic centre oft he spa resort Bad Kissingen.
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KNAUS Campingpark Hünfeld

Germany, Rhon, Hünfeld
The campsite is located 4 km from Hünfeld on slightly sloped meadows with isolated tree and bush groups.
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KNAUS Campingpark Eschwege

Germany, Werratal, Eschwege
The camping park is located about 1 km north-east of Eschwege on a peninsula between the Werratal lake and the river Werra.
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KNAUS Campingpark Walkenried

Germany, Harz, Walkenried
The region around the Harz, the most northern German mountains of medium height, forms a charming backdrop for the KNAUS Campingpark located on the outskirts of Walkenried.
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KNAUS Campingpark Hennesee

Germany, Sauerland, Meschede
The 4-star KNAUS Campingpark is located on the eastern banks of the Hennesee, in the "Land of the 1000 Mountains", the middle of the region of Hochsauerland between the Arnsberger forest and Homert nature parks.
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KNAUS Campingpark Essen

Germany, North Rhine Westphalia, Essen
The KNAUS Campingpark Essen is located on a sidearm of the Ruhr. Close to the campground you have a connection to the underground and train, which takes you to the city centre or even to Bottrop, Bochum or Oberhausen.
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KNAUS Campingpark Meppen

Germany, Emsland, Meppen
KNAUS Campingpark Meppen is located in Lower Saxony, near the border with the Netherlands
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KNAUS Campingpark Oyten

Germany, Bremen, Oyten
The KNAUS campsite Oyten is located directly on the Lake Oyten with its large, extensive meadows. It is a very popular recreation area close to the city of Bremen.
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KNAUS Campingpark Bleckede / Elbtalaue

Germany, Lüneburg, Bleckede
The KNAUS Campingpark Bleckede / Elbtalaue is located in Alt Garge/ Bleckede approx. 30 km from Lüneburg, in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve Lower Saxon Elbtalaue. It is a real paradise for cyclists and water sports enthusiasts, hikers and anglers.
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KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg

Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg
KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg is located in the north of the fascinating Hanseatic city and not far from the city centre. KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg impresses above all with its convenient location.
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KNAUS Campingpark Wingst

Germany, North Sea coast, Wingst
In the south-east of Cuxhaven, between the "nature reserve Balksee" and the charming hill of the Wingst, KNAUS Campingpark is situated in a forest and meadows with old trees and small fishing lake.
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KNAUS Campingpark Dorum

Germany, North Sea coast, Dorum
The KNAUS Campingpark Dorum is located directly at the North Sea coast between Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven in the wonderful holiday region Cuxland / Wurster North Sea coast.
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KNAUS Campingpark Tossens

Germany, North Sea coast, Tossens
The Campingpark is located on the Jadebusen in the outer reaches of Tossens, on the peninsula Butjadingen, directly at the North Sea.
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KNAUS Campingpark Burhave

Germany, North Sea coast, Butjadingen
The KNAUS Campingpark Burhave is located on a flat meadow in front of the dyke directly on the beach of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage "Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer".
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KNAUS Campingpark Eckwarderhörne

Germany, North Sea coast, Butjadingen
The KNAUS Campingpark Eckwarderhörne, also called "Cape Horn", lies between two dikes embedded directly at the "Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer" and does not allow guests to be bored.
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