Zeitraum: 24.05.2024 / 17.01.2025
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Mobile home Luxus S

#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/ce/c7/c8/camping-valkanela-s-02_6837_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Luxus S - Camping Valkanela
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/4a/fa/10/camping-village-catez-mhs-01_6839_1920x1080.jpgMobile Home Luxus S - Terme Čatež
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/5f/95/6f/camping-village-catez-mhs-04_6841_1920x1080.jpgMobile Home Luxus S - Terme Čatež
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/dc/11/b2/camping-valkanela-s-01_6836_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Luxus S - Camping Valkanela
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/7a/56/80/mh-s-aussen_5526_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Luxus S - Camping Valkanela
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/80/77/41/camping-valkanela-s-03_6838_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Luxus S - Camping Valkanela
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/39/49/51/mh-s-kueche_5528_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Luxus S
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/0b/5e/9b/mh-s-wohnzimmer-2_5529_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Luxus S
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/41/49/48/camping-village-catez-mhs-05_6840_1920x1080.jpgMobile Home Luxus S - Terme Čatež
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/a3/9e/de/mh-s-bad_5527_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Luxus S

The modern mobile home Luxus S has an area of approx. 43 m² and offers space for up to 4 people. The well-equipped kitchen also includes a dishwasher. There are two bedrooms, with a double bed and two single beds. The bathroom has a shower, washbasin and toilet. A set of garden furniture awaits you on the covered terrace.

Depending on the location, the mobile homes may vary in layout and equipment.

Camping Valkanela
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40 m² Size
max 4 People
2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 Toilet
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