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KNAUS Campingpark Dorum

Germany, North Sea coast, Dorum
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/95/11/e0/dorum_0645_4934_1920x1080.jpgKNAUS Campingpark Dorum
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/bc/f5/49/dorum_0042_4929_1920x1080.jpgMobile home - KNAUS Campingpark Dorum
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/b8/8c/36/dorum_1327_4936_1920x1080.jpgChildren's playground - KNAUS Campingpark Dorum
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/12/a8/74/dorum_1685b_4474_1920x1080.jpgPool - KNAUS Campingpark Dorum
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/f4/86/95/ca_savio_19_4274_1920x1080.jpgMobile home - KNAUS Campingpark Dorum
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/d0/e1/06/ca_savio_18_4273_1920x1080.jpgMobile home - KNAUS Campingpark Dorum
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/d9/cd/77/dorum_1475_4935_1920x1080.jpgNorth Sea - Lower Saxony, Germany
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/8a/bf/56/dorum_0340_4931_1920x1080.jpgNorth Sea - Lower Saxony, Germany
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/7d/fd/fa/dorum_0451_4933_1920x1080.jpgRestaurant - Lower Saxony, Germany
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/b4/6f/22/dorum_0561_4473_1920x1080.jpgNorth Sea - Lower Saxony, Germany
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/53/58/42/744butjadingen-2749_3596_1920x1080.jpgNorth Sea - Lower Saxony, Germany - © Tourismus-Service Butjadingen, Fotograf: Thomas Hellmann
#campsite-slidercampsite/_media/_processed_/d9/75/9d/dorum_1572_4937_1920x1080.jpgNorth Sea - Lower Saxony, Germany

The KNAUS Campingpark Dorum is located directly at the North Sea coast between Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven in the wonderful holiday region Cuxland / Wurster North Sea coast. The location in front of the dyke offers an impressive view of the Wadden landscape and the changing game of tides.

Not only water sports enthusiasts, cyclists and sunbathers, but also nature lovers will get what they pay for. Swimming in the open sea, the crab-cutter returning from the catch - that spends his camping holiday on the Wurster North Sea coast, hears the breathing of the sea, the mud flat can smell and lives in its rhythm. You can also enjoy the water in the saltwater bath "Watt'n Bad". For this you get free entrance, just pay the tourist tax. 


The Lower Saxony Deichmuseum in Dorum shows the history of dyke construction on the Lower Saxony coast. It is the only museum in Europe to deal exclusively with the topic of dyke construction and coastal protection in all its facets.

Visit the directly adjacent lighthouse "Obereversand", also known as the highest of Wurster watt lighthouses. From there you can enjoy the view across the land and sea.

Further trips to the many sights of Bremerhaven offer with the Emigrants' House, the German Maritime Museum, the climate or cities like Cuxhaven and Bremen. Only a few steps away you will find the Lower Saxony mud flat, which in 2010 was recognized by the UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. At the aviation museum Nordholz you will find everything that has characterized aviation. From Zeppelin to the fighter jet, there is a lot to discover on 36,000 square meters.

The former sulfur saltwater bath in Dorum-Neufeld received a new design.
The touristic highlight at our coastal section has been realized with a state of the art new building with many exciting attractions for young and old.

Whether a brodel bay, underwater plains with a direct view to the North sea, 2 slides or a  hall with view to the UNESCO-World Natural Heritage mud flat will offer you a lot.!



  • WiFi
  • Parking


  • Seafront


  • Barbecue area

Water fun

  • Sandy beach
  • Public bath


  • Childrens' playground

Rental services

  • Bike/ E-bike/ Mountain bike

Water sports

  • Boat mooring
  • Boat slip

Sports facilities

  • Mini golf
  • Boccia/ Boule


  • Bread roll service


  • Washing machine/ dryer


  • Many different bistros in the immediate vicinity
  • Free Wifi
  • Bread roll service
  • Ice cream sale at the reception
  • Children's playground
  • Bowling alley
  • Large playground

Barbecue area for grilling with charcoal

For a fee
  • Slipway, boat mooring
  • Bike rental
  • Mini-golf
  • Roofed wicker beach rental
  • Washing machine, dryer
  • E-car charging possibility approx. 7,5 km
Booking information

To be paid on spot (cash): Tourist tax (with payment of the tourist tax you get free entrance to the Solewellenbad Watt`n Bath) • Included: TV, energy costs • To paid on reservation: Final cleaning 65,00 EUR (will be charged once by booking) • To be requested upon reservation and paid on spot: Bedlinen (on request, bookable until 14 days before arrival): 15,00 EUR per person (first equipment and per change) • Pet: not allowed.

Execution terrace: Lower Terrace without canopy (due to 24-hour clearance period in case of storm warning).             

Arrival and departure: Until15.05. and from 08.09.: Daily, min. 3 nights • 16.05. - 04.07. and 18.08. - 07.09.: Daily, min. 4 nights • 05.07. - 17.08.: Daily, min. 7 nights. 

Mobile homes
Mobile Home Mars
The fully furnished mobile home Mars (24 m²) with partially covered wooden veranda is suitable for max. 4 adults and 1 kid (up to 6 years).
5 ha Size
Sandy beach
Public bath
Bread roll service
from ...
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