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Mobile home Klassik

#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/99/d9/f7/arena-grand-kazela-medulin-mha-01_6527_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/eb/63/f4/camping_kazela_medullin_110156_6529_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/6f/85/18/camping_kazela_medullin_110315_6532_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/eb/4c/a8/innen-mha-5_6537_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A - Kitchenette
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/af/1d/7c/innen-mha-4_6536_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A - Kitchenette
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/ff/95/b3/innen-mha-1_6533_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A - Dining area
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/5c/20/00/innen-mha-6_6538_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A - Bedroom
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/f1/c2/83/innen-mha-2_6534_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A - Bedroom
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/f4/35/a2/innen-mha-3_6535_1920x1080.jpgMobile home Klassik A - Bathroom

The spacious and fully equipped mobile home Klassik A offers a living area of approx. 24 m² and is suitable for up to 4 adults and 2 children. It has a master bedroom with a double bed and a children's bedroom with two single beds and a small loft bed.

In the lounge area there is a cosy sitting area, which can be converted into an additional sleeping place.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a kitchen, dining table, private bathroom with shower and toilet as well as a spacious wooden terrace.

Depending on the location, the mobile homes can vary in layout and equipment.

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24 m² Size
max 6 People
2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 Toilet
Dog allowed
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