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Mobile Home BigLeaf

#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/45/48/e1/100684_acc_bigl_f01_6701_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/16/1a/ec/100684_acc_bigl_f04_6710_1920x1080.jpgMobile Home BigLeaf
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/70/bc/55/100684_acc_bigl_f21_floorplan_6709_1920x1080.jpgMobile Home BigLeaf
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/aa/d2/23/100684_acc_bigl_f12_6702_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf - Dining area
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/00/ab/c3/100684_acc_bigl_f13_6703_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf - Kitchen
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/85/b7/c1/100684_acc_bigl_f15_6704_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf - Bedroom
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/2f/21/87/100684_acc_bigl_f16_6705_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf – Bedroom
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/ae/23/8a/100684_acc_bigl_f17_6706_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf – Bedroom
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/f7/40/6d/100684_acc_bigl_f18_6707_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf – Bedroom
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/72/93/f0/100684_acc_bigl_f20_6708_1920x1080.jpgMobile home BigLeaf - Bathroom

The extraordinary BigLeaf mobile home in safari style with teak furniture, bamboo-look floor, safari photo wallpaper, zebrano precious wood and lounge sofa with tiger print, has an area of approx. 52 sqm and offers space for up to 6 people.

The well-equipped kitchen includes, among other things, a dishwasher.

There are three bedrooms, with a double bed, two single beds and a bunk bed.

The two spacious bathrooms, one with rain shower, washbasin and toilet and the second bathroom with washbasin and toilet, all have mirrors with lighting and hairdryers.

A set of garden furniture awaits you on the covered wooden veranda.

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52 m² Size
max 6 People
3 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
2 Toilets
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