Zeitraum: 24.05.2024 / 17.01.2025
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Fin hut (Dog allowed)

#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/bc/f2/d9/leipzig_2311_4882_1920x1080.jpgFin hut
#accommodation-slideraccommodation/_media/_processed_/9c/3c/20/leipzig_2413_4481_1920x1080.jpgFin hut

The 12 m² finn hut is suitable for up to 2 persons. In the finn hut you have 2 beds, a built-in wardrobe, a table and 2 chairs at your disposal.

ATTENTION: Accommodation not suitable for people allergic to animal hair!

KNAUS Campingpark Leipzig
In the middle of green and idyllic oasis of the Leipzig Auen forest lies the approximately 9000 square meters large KNAUS Campingpark Leipzig. The attractions of the vibrant and exciting city of Leipzig are still only a few minutes away.
12 m² Size
max 2 People
1 Bedroom
Dog allowed
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