Tourist overnight stays within Germany

Dear Sir or Madam,

on the decisions taken in the meeting of the heads of government of the Federal States with the Federal Chancellor on 25 November 2020, regulations must be issued by the individual Federal States. Unfortunately, the corresponding ordinances of all Federal States were not public until 30.11.2020, so that we can only really react today.

Among other things, it was decided that all tourist overnight stays within Germany will continue to be prohibited. This applies at least until 10.01.2021 and will very likely be extended beyond that date.

Over Christmas and New Year's Eve, overnight stays in tourist accommodation will be permitted in a few Federal States, for family visits only.

However, we cannot close a campsite for seven weeks and then reopen it overnight - and this in winter and probably only for a few days. In addition, during this time, the restaurant, indoor swimming pool and sauna, as well as all other service and leisure facilities, would very likely have to remain closed.

With a heavy heart we and the management of Helmut Knaus KG have therefore decided to close all Knaus camping parks up to and including 28.02.2021.

Of course, we will cancel all existing bookings for this travel period free of charge and remit all payments already made to you in full.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at the booking office.

Stay healthy, your team from Albatross Reisen

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