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Your strong partner for camping holidays for over 45 years

You have finally made it here!

We’re glad you arrived safely. To ensure you feel at home, we have compiled a little guide containing everything worth knowing about Albatross and your accommodation.

If you have any further questions speak to our staff or the campsite reception, if there are no own Albatross couriers. They will be happy to assist you with help and advice.

Customers throughout Europe rely on our years of experience and our personal service. If you have any suggestions or concerns don‘t hesitate contacting us.


Features of your accommodation

The accommodations are equipped with all the essentials. Based on the inventory list, you can check that nothing is missing. Simply contact a member of staff just in time if there is a problem.

Please note that if you are holidaying in a group, it is not permitted to share the inventory between the accommodations.

Please place the garden furniture on your patio before you leave.

Thank you.

Inventory mobile homes

Inventory mobile homes Merkur

Inventory mobile homes Neptun

Useful information for your stay

Barbecues are not allowed on all campsites. Please enquire whether and how (coal, gas or electric) you are allowed to barbecue. When operating an electric barbecue, it is possible that the power supply on your pitch is not sufficient. Please note that barbecuing is not permitted on the terraces of the mobile homes. No open fire or campfire is allowed on all holiday campsites.

Non smoking:
Smoking is expressly prohibited in all our accommodations. In case of non-compliance we have to charge you the costs for the necessary special cleaning of at least 200,00 EUR.

On many campsites you have the possibility to use WiFi. Please refer to the information at the campsite reception for availability and any charges. Please also note that the strength and the coverage of the network may vary depending on the location of the accommodation.

Gas hob:
Our Mobile Homes are equipped with a gas hob. To start the gas hob, please press down the rotary knob of the desired burner and turn it 90 degrees. Hold this position for approx. 2 seconds to ignite the flame. The ticking sound you may hear is caused by moisture and is completely harmless. As soon as the moisture has disappeared by the flames, the ticking sound will also stop.
To switch the gas hob off afterwards, please turn all knobs of all burners back to the starting position 0.

Siesta/silent hours:
Please show consideration of each other and adhere to the campsite's posted midday and silent hour times.

Charging of e-cars
The charging of e-cars on the standard sockets of the mobile homes must be expressly authorized by the campsite management.

Couriers on site:
If you have any further question or need help, please contact our Albatross courier on site during the advertised reception hours or on their daily guest rounds. At the german KNAUS Campingparks or at campsites without own Albatross courier, they will be happy to help you at the reception of the campsite.

Air conditioning (if available in your accommodation)

Dear guests,

in order to save our environment and your purse, we kindly ask you to be economical with the air conditioning/heating. We ask you to comply with the following points when using the air conditioning:

Set the temperature to 23 °C. (The temperature is measured at ceiling height. At sitting height, the temperature will be around 19° C). During your absence, we ask you to switch off the air conditioning. Within 10-20 minutes of your return, the mobile home will be cooled down to the desired temperature.

We recommend switching off the air conditioning before using the coffee maker, hair dryer, kettle etc as the campsites outside of Germany have a low powered electricity supply.

While the air conditioning is turned on, please keep the windows and the entrance door closed. By following this advice, you avoid the air conditioning from overheating, saving you inconvenience (it takes at least 3 days to repair the air conditioning if it overheats). Also, these measures protect the environment.

We kindly ask you to be economical with the heating on our campsites.

Pre-reservation discount

Book the holiday of your dreams at your prefered resort and profit from our early bird discount! You can also approach our staff directly at the campsite. They will be pleased to take your early bird reservations for the next season.

Before you leave

Please take care of the following steps before your departure:

  • On the evening before your departure defrost the fridge, clean it inside and outside and switch in back on. On our German campsites please leave the fridge switched off and the doors open
  • Wash the cutlery and dishes thoroughly and also make sure that the pots and pans are clean
  • Dispose all waste and food in the central waste containers of the camping park
  • Sweep the whole floor (also under the beds)
  • Please make sure that all rented bed linen and towels are dry and stripped off the bed

On your day of departure, you must vacate your accommodation between 8 and 10 a.m.

Please arrange your departure with our staff a few days in advance. We kindly ask you to ensure that you are ready at the arranged check-out time and have completed all the points described above.

Thank you for choosing Albatross Reisen!

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We hope you enjoyed your stay in our Albatross accommodation and we may welcome you as our guest again soon!

Good bye!

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