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Duration of a journey:


Winter camping No
Disabled-friendly: No
Dogs are allowed: No
Siesta (bars are closed): -
Nighttime peace (bars are closed): -
Are motorbikes allowed? No
Is a little tent allowed? No
Costs for a second car? No
Parking lot next to the accomodation?
Spa tax? No
Are pets allowed? No
Is barbecuing allowed? No

Facilities / Leasure possibilities:

Distance to a mall:
Distance to the closest city:
Is bus connection from campsite available? No
Bicycle rental? No
Playground? No
Play space (electronic games)? No
Table tennis? No
Football? No
Tennis? No
Basketball? No
Poolbar? No
Minigolf? No
Golf? No
Internet? No
Fitness room? No
Massage? No
TV-Room? No
Mini-Market ? No
Kiosk? No
Pizzeria? No
Supermarket? No
Bazar? No
Hairdresser? No
Restaurant? No
Bar? No
Cafe? No
Ice cream shop? No
Gymnastics? No
Horse riding school No
Exchange office? No
Safe? No
Doctor? No
Phone booth? No
Bakery? No
Washing machine? No
Dryer? No


Is there a pool? No
Depth of pool:
kid's pool? No
Depth of kid's pool:
Is the pool heated? No
Pool with salty water? No
Pool with sweet water? No
Is swimming hat obligatory? No
Water slide? No
Whirlpool? No
Massage? No
Sauna? No
Vapor bath? No
Are bermudas allowed in the swimming pool? No
Is there a fee for the swimming pool? No